When was the last time you felt totally open to explore your sensuality? Welcome to my world of calm tranquility where we will embrace erotic freedom and dissolve any shame or remorse pulling you down. Our souls long for peace, expression and release. As a deeply authentic human being, I invite you to an exploration of the soul. Together we will embark upon a spiritual journey that re-acquaints us with happiness, laughter and passion. Are you ready to join me?

I am Helena, a blonde, statuesque Goddess with a peaceful aura of organic genuineness. Standing 6’3” in my stocking feet, I am all natural, unshaven and void of any artificial fragrances. My scent is divinely feminine, so soft and sweet at the same time.

Are inhibitions weighing you down? Surely there are urges that you would love to express but maybe haven’t met the right one to shroud you in warmth and safety. Or maybe the adventurer in you seeks a spirited companion who dances on the edge of life and aspires for novelty found in distant cultures. At one with nature, I am someone who is filled with wanderlust and make a fabulous travel partner!

When we are not prospecting for excitement during a weekend getaway or foreign excursion, my capable hands will caress your entire body into a state of bliss. As a specialist who has studied different modalities abroad, my gentle yet skilled massage will liberate your essence and unleash all of the gifts that lie within.

Reflecting years of yoga and meditation, my body is long, lean and simply delicious. Shall we go for a romp in the boudoir? Or maybe some intimate cuddling as I accept all that you want to share with me. Either way, I suspect you will become a better expression of life and embrace the beautiful person that you already are.



Outcall engagements to downtown Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts

Do you dream of meeting a special lady who will lift you up and make a difference in your life because she cares? Pleasure and recreation come in many different forms. Sharing time together can mean creating a home-cooked gourmet meal, going for a mountain hike, planning an excavation in Costa Rica or simply embracing romantically in our own world.

I offer out-calls to upscale hotels.  For comfort and safety reasons, I’m afraid that I will not meet first time friends in a private residence. If you would like me to secure a private in-call suite for us, I would kindly ask for an additional $150 upfront fee + cost of hotel of your choosing. 

In-date extensions are an additional 1000 an hour, if time permits.

Take a few moments to review my packages. What speaks to you? Rely on your intuition, remembering to allow us plenty of time to get to know one another – as your schedule permits.

My Cancellation Policy + Last Minute Bookings

Sometimes forces beyond our control might get in the way of our playtime. If you are running late, I understand! Life happens! But please remember that my time is as valuable as yours and inform me as soon as possible. I require at least 48 hours notice in advance if cancellation is unavoidable. If less than 48 hours notice is given, I may request a cancellation fee of 50%. If less than 24 hours I may ask up to 100%. If you allow our date to pass without contacting me I ask that you pay the full amount for my time.  This is for Boston and  may be different for Fly-Me-To-Yous and touring dates.

It’s best to plan ahead, but for spontaneity can be fun! To (try to) accommodate last minute dates requests, I require an advance payment for expediated communication, screening, etc. to try to make things work; $250 for less than 48 hours notice, $500 for less than 24. Please streamline this process by getting screening info / payment ASAP.

Appointments will be confirmed with a token deposit via an Amazon $100 digital gift card emailed to MeetHelenaWest(at)gmail(dot)com. For other gift card options, please inquire. Engagements longer than two hours require public time.

Salutation When time is scarce, a break from your busy day will replace that void with some specialized attention and rejuvenate your essence. Available at my discretion. 1 hour -- 1,200
Discovery If this is your first time connecting with someone on an authentically spiritual level a warm, relaxed introduction will set the pace for friendship and affection. 2 hours -- 1,500
3 hours -- 2,100
Healing Release guilt, shame and doubt by discovering your inner gifts in a tender, loving and accepting environment in which I will receive you with open arms. 4 hours -- 2,900
5 hours -- 3,600
6 hours -- 4,300
Deeper Abandon preconceptions of the self and open your heart to joy and ecstasy. Prepare yourself for true bonding, laughter and freedom. 7 hours -- 5,000
8 hours -- 5,500
Sleepover* Let’s start with a fabulous dinner, insightful conversation, cuddling and gentle play that leads to profound passion. *I may be your dream woman, but I do need 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep. 14 hours -- 7,000
Consciousness Chords of pleasure abound! Maybe we’ll take a visit to the hot springs followed by one of my sensual massages which will leave you in a trance. 24 hours -- 8,000
Transform A meltdown of apprehensions as we shed inhibitions and become one with each other. Perfect for a weekend revival with nature. 48 hours - 12,000
Couples Because sometimes it takes three to celebrate our sensuality. The soft scent and gentle caress of a woman is so arousing, don’t you agree? Add 500 to each hour
Travel Let’s unearth a sacred love for exotic destinations! I am well-traveled from Maine to Bali, Asia and Iceland. We are sure to create lasting memories. Please inquire
First class/business airfare, top accommodations and private transportation required



“I’m not sure what to expect. What happens when we meet?”

Nervousness is a normal, human feeling! I am here to embrace you just as you are, including your emotions, desires and curiosities. I will welcome you with open arms and the warmest of greetings because I really do want to spend time with you. Expect extreme generosity on my part, a desire for us to get to know each other through fun, fascinating conversation, flirtatious caresses and passion unleashed. I am quite spontaneous and naturally attentive, seeking those impromptu moments of romance when we least expect them. Maybe we will linger over dinner, opening each other’s minds or simply cuddle and unwind. Who knows if our liaison will lead to extended travel or just repeated episodes together when time allows. What I am not is artificial or superficial so you can always expect to be enveloped by a lady who embraces life with total authenticity and of course, our very own erotic foregone conclusion.

“Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies and celebrate our emotions.”


On Receiving an Apology…

  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a little bit of wanderlust… and if you’ve met me, you know I’m as fiercely friendly as I am curious I love to get to know people and [...]

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When you are ready to connect, reveal the mystery behind the computer screen and tell me what you seek in a Goddess and companion. If you are new friend, I need one of the following:

* 2 reputable provider references – name, email, website

* Employment verification – name, address, phone and website of your employer and a good time to call (discretion is guaranteed)

* Your handle in one of the following forums: The Erotic Review, Preferred 411 or Room Service 2000

Appointments will be confirmed with a token deposit via a $100 epayment such as venmo or other method (please inquire). The best way to reach me is by way of my secure contact form. But if you are not into forms, you may Email Me, mindful to include all necessary information.

Age Verification

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Always enjoy responsibily.