first and foremost is respect and consideration. I am an explorer who loves to immerse myself in the journey that naturally comes through visiting new and exotic destinations. My best match is a philanthropic gentleman characterized by generosity and a sense of spontaneity. The best way to get to know my venturous side is to follow my page on Instagram which captures me to a T. Are you a person that gets a thrill allowing those instinctive impulses guide you? Such as arriving in the middle of the night at an unknown destination and finding our way to the hotel? The excitement of how we impact each other’s lives in the most mundane of circumstances? I seek the gentleman who considers my personal profile to be the perfect complement to his inner adventurer.

One of the advantages of being an independent professional by day is that I have the convenience of setting my own schedule. Though I am busy, I covet the flexibility that comes with being my own boss. When we are able to schedule our time together with some notice, I retain the peace of mind that allows me to create a special space just for us and cherish our time together without any outside distractions.

As an experienced traveler and world explorer, my ultimate destination is to travel around the globe stopping at most if not all of the major continents along the way. With nature as the driving force, the adventurer in me is drawn to long, mountain hikes, volcano exploration and scuba diving into the depths of the ocean.

Yes, but not to worry as I have a few different screening methods – all totally discreet and confidential – that should meet with your comfort level. Screening is essential for my safety and security and the ebb and flow of our date. When I feel safe, you will feel relaxed and these are the keys to a natural and relaxed engagement.

Absolutely! I appreciate and am aroused by a woman’s sensuality. Very important to me is the delicate interplay between three people. I have a heightened awareness of the interwoven emotions in a trio and am keen to the needs of each person. I particularly enjoy gently guiding a woman in releasing her erotic energy, empowering her sensuality and laying claim to pleasure and ecstasy that she so deserves.

I am more the type who stays away from canned labels that might suggest our experience to be anything less than bespoke. My mark of distinction is a deeply personalized level of attentiveness that transcends all expectations. I am about a sincere connection, bonding, letting go, friendship, adventure and our celebration with nature. For such depth of experience there is no acronym that encapsulates it all.

Nervousness is a normal, human feeling! I am here to embrace you just as you are, including your emotions, desires and curiosities. I will welcome you with open arms and the warmest of greetings because I really do want to spend time with you. Expect extreme generosity on my part, a desire for us to get to know each other through fun, fascinating conversation, flirtatious caresses and passion unleashed. I am quite spontaneous and naturally attentive, seeking those impromptu moments of romance when we least expect them. Maybe we will linger over dinner, opening each other’s minds or simply cuddle and unwind. Who knows if our liaison will lead to extended travel or just repeated episodes together when time allows. What I am not is artificial or superficial so you can always expect to be enveloped by a lady who embraces life with total authenticity and of course, our very own erotic foregone conclusion.

Life’s experiences have molded me into an incredibly authentic person which I’m told by my friends is so refreshing. Unlike so many, I do not carry airs or a false sense of self. I am truly a happy, nurturing person and want to share that energy with you! Perhaps my inherent disposition is what led me to achieve a master’s degree in mental health after attending private school during my youth. My education coupled with natural intuition has formed me as an intimate caregiver who fosters healing.