Las Vegas is a hell of a city, though in all my wanderings.. all my trips to the Playa… I never really got out here. It all seemed so manufactured, so constructed, so intentional… The commodification of “experiences,” those who like to buy an “adventure,” or a “memory,” that someone else manufactured for them. At least that is what it looked like from a distance.



That said, business called and I found myself in The-Not-So-Aptly-Named Meadow… The first night was a lovely date, where I was shamelessly taken to the most meaningless and excessive sights of the Strip… I was charmed by getting to play ridiculous tourist, with the utmost sincerity. It will not be the last time I adorn myself with this ridiculous hoodie scarf and purse that screams “I WENT TO VEGAS AND BOUGHT A PURSE!”

…Thank you. Sincerely.

Unfortunately the next, and my last full day, did not go as planned. My own business companion fell victim to health issues, and my evening clients had mechanical problems and had to bump to the next morning… So what’s a wanderer to do when all falls through?

Time to explore….  I find out there are some natural hot springs less than an hour away, including a five mile hike! Perfect! I just need a car….

I walked a couple miles to the nearest car rental place my maps indicated was open…  Only problem is maps aren’t always right… The place closed down long ago, and was now an autobody shop… So fuck it… I call a lyft line to get me to the next car rental place…  

And then it happened

When is the last time you just fall into someone, when you embrace how all plans are lost, and find yourself fully engaged in the new path you’ve made for yourself?

I love these little surprises life throws me… Well, that’s what life threw me today… graciously and gloriously… And today’s surprise was a wonderful woman by the name of V…

The connection was immediate, we were laughing, and cracking up.  She felt awful that I ended up at a closed down rental place, and was worried about how the next place may not have one… Without a second thought, she told me I could use her car at home if they were out… and let me know all the logistics.  I’m personally really rather enjoying the company, and offer to pay her whatever lyft would give her to keep hanging out, and come hiking with me.

She refuses the compensation (but I manage to convince her that I’m not paying her, I’m paying the lyft car rental fee)… and is flabbergasted (the woman who just offered a total stranger use of her car.. is flabbergasted).

….and off to the Hot Springs we were <3 <3 <3

Doggo was happy with my l33t skillz.. As you can tell.

Pictures can tell the rest… but the larger than life man-mad constructs of Vegas have nothing on short drives outside of the city… Not pictured, singing along with Lana Del Ray with the windows down…



While there are no real ways to say “thank you” that would suffice for bringing me to a magical space beyond feeling the grind of time, time where everything just fell into place… There is Korean BBQ… Which she had never had before…




So… When did you find yourself unexpectedly lost in a new person when you least expected it?